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Upliftment through Education
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It is only by working at the very grass roots level that the quality of education of children in the relatively poorer segments of the society can be improved. For this purpose a "Mohalla Committee" responsible for its own respective Mohalla works with the parents and the children not going to school or going to sub-standard schools, and liaisons with a "Central Committee" which assists in planning and monitoring and provides financial support on a case to case basis to parents in enrolling their wards in quality schools and/or switching them from sub-standard schools to standard schools where quality education is provided.

The following methodology is adopted:

  1. Develop quality database of all children (0 - 16 years). This database is continuously updated throughout the year.
  2. Develop database of all schools within proximity availed by children.
  3. Classify schools into standard (quality) / non standard based on.
    • Proper physical facilities.
    • Registration with relevant authorities.
    • Good faculty.
  4. Classify Children
    • Eligible but not going to school.
    • Going to non standard schools.
    • Going to standard/quality schools.
  5. Start counseling of Parents for all children eligible but non school going or going to sub standard schools.
  6. Discuss results with Central Committee on a regular basis and continuously monitor children going in standard schools.

The Central Committee and the Mohalla committees meet on a weekly basis, every Saturday, to monitor the activities of this program.

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